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Hello friends!

One of my most popular posts here at The Adoption Cafe is about JSC Foundation.  JSC is a faith based adoption grant organization that does a beautiful job supporting families who choose to pursue adoption.  I wrote in detail about the process of applying for a grant from JSC.  To read that first post, go here.

The common question asked about JSC is the same question asked about most grant foundations – how much did they give you??  There is nothing wrong with this question, I asked it hundreds of times when I was preparing grant applications.  We want to use our time wisely and apply for grants that will have a significant impact on our adoption fundraising.  When I was applying, I swore to myself I would share grant amounts publicly  to help other adopting families avoid some of my research frustration.

That has changed.

We did receive a generous grant from JSC.  It was one of those emails that take your breath away when you open it.  I handed my computer to my soldier-sweetheart to make sure I was reading it properly.  I was.  Then I read the very thoughtful and well worded request for discretion regarding the amount.  You see, friends, JSC is a private foundation.  They have a distinct calling to care for orphans and they execute their response to that calling with utmost respect and professionalism.  They do all the fundraising to be able to write the checks they write.  I think it is fitting to treat them with the respect they give so generously and refrain from sharing the “amount” publicly.

If you qualify to apply for a grant from JSC Foundation, do it.  These are people you want involved in your adoption.  The impact JSC had on our lives far exceeds any dollar amount.

If you have experience with JSC, I would love to hear about it.  I am compiling some stories to share!  Just leave a comment or email me at theadoptioncafe@gmail.com

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    Thanks for your wonderful & encouraging words! I found your 2 posts about this grant at a divinely appointed time. We have seen God move mountains to bring our girl home & to pay every payment. We KNOW He will continue to do that until she is home… How perfectly like Him, to lead me to your page, just as i was praying full of faith for ANOTHER family who is also in need of those final In Country fees, as we are… I’m hopeful that this grant may be able to cover some of that, I’m starting the application right now.

    Many blessings to you! -Joy

    PS. Thank you for your family’s service to our country! <3


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